GraCo FCU offers a variety of services to its members and strives to keep up with the ever changing face of financial services. The following services are currently available:

Share Accounts (savings) - Every member must have at least $10.00 in a primary share account before opening any other type of account. Secondary share accounts can also be opened with no minimum balance. Share accounts pay dividends quarterly.

Share Draft Accounts - This is a checking account with no minimum balance required, no monthly services charges, and no per check charges. Members age 60 and older can order checks free of charge. Statements are available monthly. Overdraft transfers from primary shares. Overdraft fees are charged.

Share Certificates (certificates of deposit) - Terms range from 3 months to 48 months with minimum balances as low as $500.00.

Money Market Share and Share Draft Accounts - Available for members seeking higher dividend rates and liquidity of funds. Money market accounts have a minimum balance of $1500.00


  • Home Equity Loans
  • New and Used Autos
  • Recreational Vehicles 
  • New and Used Motorcycles 
  • Line of Credit Loans
  • Signature Loans
  • Share Secured Loans 
  • Visa Credit Cards
  • 90 Day Notes
  • Revolving Credit Loans

Other Services:

  • Christmas Club Accounts
  • Vacation Club Accounts
  • Individual Retirement Accounts
  • Payroll Deduction 
  • Direct Deposit
  • Wire Transfers
  • Visa Check Card - debit cards 
  • ATM cards
  • American Express Traveler's Checks 
  • Money Orders
  • Student Loans - GSL and PLUS
  • Night Deposit
  • Cashier's Checks
  • Telephone Transfers
  • Discount Cedar Point Tickets
  • Home Financial Services - online access to account information

Give us a call for more information 989-463-1247 or toll free 866-463-1247


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