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Calculators Loan Rates Deposit Rates Fee Schedule

Effective as of: Effective April 1, 2017
Account Closure Fee$ 10.00
Assessed to each account closed within 90 days of opening the account.
Cashier's Check$ 5.00
Check Cashing Fee$ 3.00
Charged per check or group of checks unless the member is under 18 years of age, has a regular direct deposit to their credit union account, has an active loan with the credit union, or has an active share draft account with the credit union (minimum of three (3) checks and/or debit transactions per month).
Check Copy Fee$ 2.00 / check
Check copy fee for checks over one (1) year old is $5.00.
Copies$ .50 / copy
Credit Union Check$ 2.00
Dormant Account Fee$ 5.00 / month
Assessed on each account that has had no activity for one year in any account suffix.
Early Withdrawal from Christmas Club$ 5.00 / withdrawal
Assessed on each withdrawal made prior to October 15 of each year.
Express Shipment of Replacement ATM, Debit, or Credit Cards$ 40.00
Fax Fee$ 1.00 / page
Send or receive
Garnishment Processing Fee$ 20.00
Deducted from the member's account for processing garnishments, levies, etc received by the credit union.
Loan Application fees - Quick Loans and Payday Loans $ 20.00 / application
Loan Application Fees - Home Equity Loans$ 75.00 / home equity application
NO APPLICATION FEES for other types of loans. Fees for those listed must be paid at the time of application.
Low Balance Fee (for Money Market Accounts)$ 5.00
Assessed if the balance falls below the required minimum of $1,500.00 at any time during the month.
Money Orders$ 1.00 each
Overdraft (NSF) Charge$ 25.00 / item
Assessed to share or share draft accounts whether or not the item is paid or returned
Overdraft Transfer Fee$ 5.00 / transfer
For overdrafts on shares and/or share draft accounts. Transfers are made from the Primary A suffix share account only. Maximum of six (6) automatic transfers per month. $25.00 fee for each NSF item after six (6) transfers in the month and the item(s) may be returned as NSF.
Paper Statement Fee$3.00 / statement
Assessed to members who opt to have printed statements rather than e-statements. Fee is deducted from checking on monthly statements and savings for quarterly statements.
Reopen Account Fee$ 5.00
Assessed to each account reopened within 60 days of closing a previous account.
Replacement ATM / Debit / Credit Cards$ 20.00
Returned Check Fee$ 20.00 / item
Assessed to the member on any check cashed or deposited at the credit union that is returned to the credit union for non-payment (NSF, stop payment, fraudulent, closed account, etc).
Return Mail Fee$ 1.00 / item
Statement Copy Fee$ 2.00 / statement
Statement copy fee for statements over one (1) year old is $5.00.
Stop Payment Fee$ 15.00
Per item or series of consecutive draft numbers.
Wire Transfer Fee U.S.$ 15.00
Wire Transfer Fee International$ 40.00
An additional $5.00 fee will be charged if the wiring instructions provided are incorrect and the wire must be reprocessed.
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