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Effective as of: 4-15-2015
Unsecured Loans-A plus Rates Listed
24 Months6.95%
36 Months8.00%Maximum Signature Loan Per Member $20,000
37-48 Months9.25%Call for current rates on shorter or longer terms.
Auto/Motorcycle Loans-A plus Rates Listed
2010 and Newer24 Months1.99%
2010 and Newer36 Months2.29%
2010 and Newer48 Months2.39%
2010 and Newer60 Months2.49%
2010 and Newer72 Months3.29%$18,000.00 minimum loan amount
2010 and Newer84 Months4.99%$35,000.00 minimum loan amount
2006-200924 Months2.59%
2006-200936 Months2.59%
2006-200948 Months2.99%
2006-200960 Months2.99%
2006-200972 Months3.59%$20,000.00 minimum loan
2005 and Older24 Months3.49%
2005 and Older36 Months3.99%
2005 and Older48 Months3.99%10% Down Required
Campers, Trailers - A plus Rates Listed
2010 and Newer60 Months3.70%
2010 and Newer84 Months4.45%
2010 and Newer120 Months4.95%$25,000.00 minimum loan amount for this term
2006-200960 Months5.75%
2006-200972 Months6.00%Call for other rates and terms on older models.
Share Secured
Secured by Shares4% Above Share Dividend Rate
Secured by CD3% Above Share Certificate Rate
Other Collateralized Loans - A plus Rates Listed
2010 and Newer48 Months6.15%$0-$5000
60 Months6.25%
2010 and Newer60 Months6.25%Over $5000
72 Months6.50%
84 Months7.00%10% Down Required
2009 and OlderCall for rates / terms
Home Equity Loans - A plus Rates Listed
Closed-End H/E60 Months3.75% Fixed100,000.00 maximum. Higher rates apply for combined loan to value ratios exceeding 80%. Call for additional terms and rates.
84 Months4.10% Fixed
120 Months4.65% Fixed
HELOC (Line of Credit)Up to 120 MonthsVariableCall for current rates

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